French & Francophone Film & Cinema 

Our class in French and Francophone cinema and film offers a diverse mix of classic and contemporary French language films.  The instructor, Manon Bellet, is a French cinephile who has a real passion for movies. 

In this course, after watching French language films, we will examine their directors and actors, analyze the themes and language, and learn vocabulary and expressions related to a specific film and to cinema in general.  Each class includes an open discussion in French and English. 

This course provides a deeper understanding and analysis of French language films in a relaxed environment on Zoom.  Because the class is virtual, the students are asked to watch the film (in French with English subtitles) before the lesson.

Class meets Wednesday night (see dates below) at 6:45 p.m. online on Zoom.

Fee: $50 for the full summer semester.

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Please find below the list of dates and films for this semester. For more information, please contact Manon Bellet at

Mercredi le 8 juin – Wednesday, June 8

Home, Ursula Meier, 2009

A family enjoys an idyllic existence in their isolated, ramshackle home, which edges onto an abandoned highway. Almost entirely cut off from society at large, they forge their own Utopia, but everything changes when city trucks roll in to complete the road’s construction, allowing rush hour traffic to start rumbling by. Stars Isabelle Huppert. 

Mercredi le 22 juin – Wednesday, June 22

Summer of ’85 – Été 85, François Ozon, 2021

In the summer of 1985 in Normandy, Alexis, a sixteen year old who is haunted by death, goes out to sea. A thunderstorm forms, causing his boat to capsize, but he is rescued by David, who is eighteen years old. After this incident, a tumultuous love affair occurs between the two. Following an argument, David dies in a motorcycle accident. Alex, feeling guilty, decides to carry out the pact formed between them: to go and dance on the grave of the one who dies first. 

Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival. Winner of the Best Film, Most Promising Actress and Best Adaptation Award at the Cesar Awards.

Mercredi le 6 juillet – Wednesday, July 6

Les Vacances de Monsieur Hultot, Jacques Tati, 1953

Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot follows the generally harmless misadventures of the lovable, gauche Frenchman Monsieur Hulot (played by Tati) as he joins the “newly emerging holiday-taking classes” for a summer vacation at a modest seaside resort. The film affectionately lampoons several hidebound elements of French political and economic classes, from chubby capitalists and self-important Marxist intellectuals to petty proprietors and drab dilettantes, most of whom find it nearly impossible to free themselves, even temporarily, from their rigid social roles in order to relax and enjoy life. The film also gently mocks the confidence of postwar western society in the optimistic belief in capitalist production, and the value of complex technology over simple pleasures, prominent themes in his later films. 

Mercredi le 20 juillet – Wednesday, July 20

Du côté de la côte, Agnès Varda, 1958

As if you need any more reasons to visit the beautiful south of France, Agnès Varda celebrates the splendor of this area in a short documentary funded by the French Tourism Office. In this cheeky little film, Varda highlights the importance of tourism to the region with shots of sunbathers soaking in rays and the attractions that will occupy visitors of all ages. 

Les plages d’Agnès, Agnès Varda, 2011

A reflection on art, life and the movies, THE BEACHES OF AGNÈS is a magnificent film from the great Agnès Varda , a richly cinematic self portrait that touches on everything from the feminist movement and the Black Panthers to the films of husband Jacques Demy and the birth of the French New Wave.