A native speaker of French, Manon moved to New Orleans in 2016. In addition to l’Union Française, she has taught French at Cathedral Montessori and as a private tutor. Manon’s background includes art and art history, and she has led creative workshops in various schools and art academies in Europe for both children and adults. In the last ten years, she has lived in France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Manon looks forward to sharing her knowledge of French language and culture, and believes that making mistakes is part of the beauty of learning. She is excited to live in New Orleans and Louisiana as centers of Francophone and Caribbean culture. When it comes to teaching, she finds inspiration in this quote from Christian Bobin: « L’art suprême consiste à savoir donner sa langue au chat. »

A cinephile who has a real passion for movies, Manon channels that passion into her French Cinema Class which examines film, directors, and cinematic language.

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