A former resident of Paris, Anne Babson spent the first six years of her professional life speaking, reading and writing French. She studied French Literature and Writing at Sarah Lawrence College, where she obtained her BA. She spent an academic year at the University of Paris (VII Jussieu) followed by two years working for an international professional school on the Rive Droite. She returned to the United States and obtained a Masters’ degree from The City College of New York, where she studied under Marilyn Hacker, a world-famous poet who teaches both in New York and Paris. Anne’s award-winning poetry has been published on five continents, and her books are available in bookstores throughout New Orleans and online. She teaches at L’Union and Southeastern Louisiana University as she pursues doctoral studies in medieval French and English literature.

Anne joined L’Union Française in 2018. With her keen knowledge of French culture and history, she brings the literary and intellectual traditions of the salon into her language courses and French book club.

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