French Pastry & Pátisserie with Chef André & Chef Roger Vairat 

This course is for students who already have a good level of French and a fair mastery of the language. It is a class to acquire the skills and vocabulary in French pastry and pátisserie. Chef André will start with the very basics of French pastry making.  Class will meet every other Saturday (at noon central time), for a total of six weeks.  Fun as much as solid knowledge are guaranteed during this class given by an expert.

The class will meet on these dates:  January 29, February 12, April 2, April 23, May 14, and May 28.

Please contact us at for more information.  Cost is $180 which includes ingredients.

Pastry to be covered this semester are below.

La crème pâtissière :Essential for being able to make the rest of the pastries in this class.

Various tartes (pies) 

Petits choux farcis à la crème & crème chantilly 

Soufflé au chocolat 

Gâteau au café

Gâteau à la vanille et aux fruits

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