Vive La France Culture Classes

The Art of Publicité

Join us for a three-session series focused on advertising in France.

Taking place on  November 2, 9, and 16 at 6 p.m. CST, these classes will feature cultural presentations on the history and art of French advertising along with optional wine tastings.  Classes will be held online/virtually and taught in English.

Pastis, buttery croissants and chic macarons, striped tops à la Chanel, berets, tiny cars with flexible suspension systems — the list of products that France is known for can be quite daunting. The study of French advertising genres and strategies, therefore, provides a most enlightening insight into what French people are all about. This threefold lecture series, which will be presented in English, entitled “The Art of Publicité” covers three major periods:


November 2 — The Belle Epoque to WWI

November 9 — WWII to the 1970s

November 16 — 1980s to Present

From the iconic posters of the Paris World Exhibitions to the disturbing AI-based digital commercials for Louis Vuitton, the semiotic analysis of visual ads, commercials, and promotional campaigns will reach far beyond the mere art of selling goods and ideas in an ever-changing marketplace. It will throw light upon the French and their views on their history, values, and aspirations.

Cultural presentations by Jean Xavier Brager

Wine recommendations currated by Margene Minor

Wine Tastings

THE WINE SELLER and Margene Minor, our wine consultant, have selected a libation for each class. The Wine Seller (5000 Prytania Street, New Orleans) is generously offering these to our participants at a discounted price.

November 2 — Louis Latour Domaine de Valmoissine Pinot Noir

November 9 — Louis Métaireau Muscadet Sèvre et Maine

November 16 — Willm Crèmant D’Alsace Rosé Brut

Suggested Cheese Pairings

St. James Cheese Company (5004 Prytania Street) gives their cheese suggestions to pair with the wines:

November 2 — Louis Latour Domaine de Valmoissine Pinot Noir 

The makers noted that this would pair well with grilled meats and red fruit. Essex Comte (16 month) is fruit forward (notes of red fruit specifically) and has a brothy savory backbone. It should play to both of those strengths.  Other goodies to pair would be a 70% dark chocolate, and hearty wheat biscuits or crackers.

November 9 — Louis Métaireau Muscadet Sèvre et Maine  

A crisp dry white wine is lovely for cutting through a rich creamy cheese. It cleanses the palatte between each bite and the cheese helps to balance the brightness of the wine. For beginners who prefer mild and buttery, we suggest Cremeux de Citeaux, for folks who like a little more funk, they should try Brie du Pommier. Other goodies to pair would be green apple slices, honey, and a light water cracker.

November 16 — Willm Crèmant D’Alsace Rosé Brut

Nothing pairs with a bubbly rose quite like a goat cheese. The brightness of the goat cheese plays well with the raspberry and cassis notes in this. We would suggest Wabash Cannonball or Humboldt Fog if you want to buy American, or Ovalie Cendree if you want something French. Other goodies to pair would be a sour cherry jam, dried cranberries, and buttery crackers.

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