French Culinary Arts with Chef Roger Vairat

This course is for students who are proficient in French. It is a cooking class to acquire the skills and vocabulary in the French culinary arts. Class will meet every other Saturday (at noon central time), for a total of seven weeks. Seven well-known recipes from France will be prepared and cooked in the l’Union Française kitchen.  The class will meet on these dates:  September 18, October 2, October 16, October 30, November 13, December 4, and December 18.  The original September 18 date will be made up at another date during the semester.

If you have an interest in French cuisine, this class is a fun way to practice and learn French.  At the end of class, the students sit down together to enjoy the meal they have created.

Please contact us at for more information.  Cost of class is $150 which includes the ingredients.

Dishes to be prepared this semester are below.

Ratatouille :A well known delicacy from the southern part of France made of diced vegetables cooked in olive oil and sprinkled with various herbs.

Poisson à la bonne femme : A country style red fish doused in white wine and covered with tomatoes, onions, butter and bread crumbs and backed in the oven

Choucroute Alsacienne : From the northern part of France, near Germany, comes this very rich sauerkraut recipe which is served with golden potatoes, pork chops and various sausages…A meal to remember !

Poulet à la moutarde avec pommes de terre sautées aux oignons : Chicken cooked in mustard sauce with a saute of potatoes and onions : Napoleon’s favorite dish.

Ragout de porc aux carottes et pommes de terre : A pork stew in a red sauce with carrots and potatoes sprinkled with herbs and parsley.

Coq au vin:  A rooster marinated in red wine, with carrots , celery and onions. The dish is marinated the night before and cooked on slow fire.

Boeuf Bourguignon: A well-known, delicious recipe of beef marinated the day before in Burgundy wine and cooked with love and care on slow fire !

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