French Chanson, Music, and Songs

This class, about the French chanson, is focused on poetry, acting, and transmitting a message.  Themes of the French chanson are as old as humanity itself:  love, death, greed, lust, hatred.  We will examine a few of them in this class.

This class is open to student who have a B1 level of French and above.

All meetings take place on Fridays at 4 p.m. central time via Zoom.

Tuition is $150 for the entire semester.

Contact us for additional information at  or

Artists and songs covered this semester are below:

Edith Piaf                                 L’accordéoniste

Jacqes Brel                              Les bonbons

Yves Montand                         Boxing Joe

Georges Moustaki                  Le Métèque

Georges Brassens                   Le petit cheval

Marie Laforet/Guy Beart      Mon cher Franz

Juliette Greco                          Un petit poisson

Pow Wow                                  Le chat

Patricia Kaas                            Entrer dans la lumière

Liane Foly                                 Au fur et à mesure

Les Frères Brothers                 Le cocu

Pauline Ester                            Une fenêtre ouverte