General Requirements
To enroll in a course, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Terms of Payment

Upon registration, the student will receive a preliminary confirmation after processing the payment. The teacher or school director will be in touch with the student to confirm registration.

If full payment is not received by the first day of class, the participant loses the right to be enrolled in the class.

Class changes

If the student wishes to change to a different class, the student is able to do so without penalty.

Cancellation and refunds

In the case of cancellation or withdrawal by the student after the course starts, refunds will not be given after the second class meeting.

Cancellations must be submitted in writing via email. The date of cancellation shall be the date of receipt by L’Union Française.

Course level assignment and class size

Placement in course levels is based on interviews with instructors or at the direction of the school director.

Classes at L’Union Française have at least four, and at most ten participants, in most cases. If enrollments are insufficient on the starting date of the class, we reserve the right to cancel the class. In this case we will offer the participants the opportunity to move to another class or to receive a full refund of the tuition. We regret that we can only conduct classes that have the minimum number of participants by the end of the enrollment period. To avoid cancellations of classes that would have taken place if participants had enrolled in time, we advise students in their own interests to register before the deadline.

Responsibilities of participants

Class participants are expected to practice good behavior, show courtesy to all, and be in proper attire.

Liability of L’Union Française

The liability of L’Union Française and its staff is limited to intent and gross negligence. L’Union Française also accepts no liability for the cancellation of its services due to force majeur (e.g. natural disasters, fire, floods, war, official orders and all other circumstances beyond the control of the contractual parties).

Non-Discrimination Policy

L’Union Française does not discriminate regarding race, creed, religion, gender, age, national origin, or sexual orientation.


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